How can I become a Friend of Spice Village?

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how can I become a friend of Spice Village 2

If you’ve been following Spice Village on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ you will have probably seen references to Friends of Spice Village. As we write this post there are almost 100 signed up Friends, and you can join them if you haven’t already!

It costs nothing to become a Friend of Spice Village – except two minutes of your time. All you need to do is complete a registration form or fill in a card at the restaurant – and don’t worry, all we ask for is your name, email address and birth date. You don’t need to tell us your age, we just want to send you a special offer on your birthday!

Friends of Spice Village, the contemporary Indian restaurant in Cuckfield just outside Haywards Heath, have already received promotional codes by email giving them 15% off their food bill and the current promotion, which is open until 22 September gives them discounts on main courses EVERY time they visit. And we won’t bombard you with emails – you’ll get a maximum of two a month.

We’ve got lots more promotions lined up and some special events that will be open to Friends of Spice Village only, so don’t delay, register today.

Become a Friend of Spice Village